The unique design of multifocal IOLs offers restoration of accommodation and guarantees to correct higher order aberrations without depending on ciliary body function or other capsular mechanics. It is made up of Natural yellow material, which is very close to the natural crystalline lens, with incorporated UV-A blocking and violet-light-filtering narrative introduction techniques chromophores.Designed using the most advanced tools by an R&D team of optical and mechanical engineers, the optical diffractive apodized aspheric profile was developed using proprietary algorithms and the latest software. The multifocal lens is manufactured from co-polymer acrylic material buy research papers and features an aberration-correcting aspheric optic design.
The multifocal lens material incorporates a violet-light-filtering chromosphere for better protection of the retina without compromising contrast sensitivity and depth of field.
Advantages of mini incision implantation
  • Less inflammation, leading to faster recovery after surgery.
  • Minimum trauma to the cornea and the eye.
  • Less endothelial cell loss.
  • Ability to easily and safely inject the IOL through less than a 2.2 mm incision, which lowers the risk of surgically induced astigmatism.
Premium Multifocal Lens
Model FL260125NY5D / FL260125NY6D
Material Hybrid Acrylic
Overall Size 6.00 mm
Overall Size 12.50mm
Optic Design Diffractive Multifocal optic with aspheric profile
Haptic Angulation 5A� Elastic band haptic
Edge Design 360A� Square Edge
Refractive Index 1.46 (Hydrated @ 35A� C)
YAG Laser Compatible
Estimated A Constant 118.2
AC Depth 5.08
Sterilization Method Steam Sterilization
Diopter Range 8.0 to 30.0 (15 to 25 in 0.5 increment)


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