Vistazo Toric is a single piece lens that offers superior quality vision for patients with corneal astigmatism. It is designed to compensate corneal spherical aberrations and corneal astigmatism. Viztaso Toric offers convenience of use for the surgeon and satisfaction for the patient. The IOLs are designed to be positioned in the lens capsule bag which replaces the functions of the natural crystalline lens. Vistazo Torics are available in a complete range of spherical power with cylindrical correction of 1.50 to 6.00 diopter. Vistazo lenses are manufactured from US FDA approved material that integrates an anti-reflective layer to mimic the natural crystalline. To date, this material has been implanted in five million eyes worldwide.
Key Benefits
  • Exceptional visual performance
  • Sharp visual clarity
  • Improved contrast sensitivity
  • Postoperative quiet eye
  • Controlled delivery
  • Ease of positioning
  • Uncompromised rotational stability
Cylinder Power
Model At IOL Plane At Corneal Plane
T3 1.5D 1.03D
T4 2.25D 1.55D
T5 3.0D 2.06D
T6 3.75D 2.58D
T7 4.5D 3.09D
T8 5.25D 3.61D
T9 6.0D 4.12D

Aspheric TORIC Foldable IOL


QL160110CR6Tx / QL160110CR5Tx

Material Hybrid Acrylic (HEMA + EOEMA)
Optics Size 6.00mm
Overall Size 11.00mm
Haptic Design “Quadra” Loop 5A� angulation


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